Torch Cutting
Materials that initially enter our facilities are not always processable in scrap operations, due to their shape, size and thickness. Scrap Partners, LLC
utilizes its torch cutting operation to reduce scrap into a manageable size for additional processing. Standard classifications for torchable material should
be scrap metal that is one inch thick or greater.        

Scrap Partners, LLC operates a Mosley 1,000-ton stationary shear. This machine is designed to take oversized, obsolete scrap metal and process
it to mill specs.

Scrap Partners, LLC facilities utilize mobile shear cranes to condense material. This type of equipment includes our Genesis Shear, which is
attached to excavators that allows for a process of cutting material that is too thick to shred.        

Scrap Partners, LLC operates a hydraulic baling press to compress the size of different recyclable Non-Ferrous materials. There are two types of
balers, vertical and horizontal, that we operate to reduce and convert bulky material into compact, shippable commodities for ease of
handling and transportation.        

Scrap Partners, LLC Operations
As a continued effort in keeping up with today’s technological society, Scrap Partners, LLC takes pride in using the most innovative methods of recycling.
Our highly-skilled teams of equipment professionals ensure each operational process is updated with the latest technology. The ultimate goal is to refine
sorting and separation methods in an effort to efficiently maximize the percentage of scrap metal returned.